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"Lytle’s innocent, unblemished voice wraps around these melancholy, sometimes dark songs like gauze around a wound. The result is a debut whose immaculate sonics join with a talented cast and show Lytle to be a singer/songwriter worth watching..."

- Hal Horowitz, American Songwriter Magazine

"Lytle’s music is a breath of fresh air that transports you to that peaceful and serene place, like sitting around a campfire on a warm summer night with family and friends."

- Raul Campos, KCRW 89.9FM Los Angeles

"The emotive folk music of Alec Lytle & Them Rounders is one that is sure to touch your soul. With compelling story telling lyrics and vocals filled with honest emotion, you can’t help but gravitate to the energy they bring."

- Marisol Richardson, Music Junkie Press


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Here are two songs from our record "The End of Ours"

Them Rounders


Alec Lytle & Them Rounders are from the rural coastal mountains of Northern California. They play original Americana influenced acoustic music with songs that are rich in creative storytelling. The band supports each song with nuance and warmth featuring Alec Lytle on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Chris Wagner on upright bass and high harmony, Dan Newitt on mandolin and low harmony, and Ben Estes on snare drum, high harmony and an old crate.  


Lead Vocals, Guitar / Alec Lytle
Harmony Vocals, Mandolin / Dan Newitt
Harmony Vocals, Snare and Crate / Ben Estes
Harmony Vocals, Upright Bass / Chris Wagner



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