The Boot: 'North, CA' Live Concert Film Premiere

Americana singer-songwriter Alec Lytle is exclusively premiering the acoustic music video for his song “North, CA” on The Boot.

The clip captures an outdoor, live performance by Lytle and his band at a concert in the Santa Cruz mountains of Northern California — “under the tall redwoods and in the middle of the pacific fog,” as Lytle describes to The Boot.

The live aspect of Lytle’s music is extremely important, and, he reflects, “I think [the video] does a good job of capturing the feel of our live performance.” While some artists’ music translates similarly both on a stage and on an album, that isn’t the case for this particular band.

“A lot of people who see us play live seem to respond to the music in a very different way than people who tell us about their experience listening to the same music on our record, The End of Ours,” Lytle says. “We wanted to capture that feeling by filming one of our shows.”

The “North, CA” video is the first of five from the concert that Lytle will be releasing. Listeners can hear the recorded version of the song via BandCamp and compare. To our ears, Lytle is correct: It really does take on a whole new feel.

“It’s a song about trying to find a better life but never quite making it,” Lytle explains of “North, CA.” “I think it’s interesting to hear how this live version conveys the emotion of the song in a different way than the one on our record … it seems more positive here. I really like hearing how our music evolves based on the environment where we perform it.”

“North, CA” is from Lytle’s record The End of Ours, which was released earlier this fall. He has been touring up and down the West Coast, with more dates to be announced in 2016.

“I love playing music for people … it doesn’t really matter to me if it’s one person or a hundred. What’s important to me is that there is some communication between us as musicians and the people we play for,” Lytle reflects. “We all bring different life history to the music we hear, and everyone interprets songs in different ways. I think that’s an incredibly beautiful human experience.”

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